Saja Perfumes

Saja commenced its commercial activities early 2005 in lebanon. the idea started with the inventor and owner of the trademark – Ahmed Sbaiteh. Production began in mid-May 2005, when it was through consensus approval of the label “Saja” fragrances, inspired from the Soura “Al-Duha” in the Holy Quran and with it started the story of our blessed success. The company started off by producing fragrances based on Lebanese roses’ scents with a variety of five Roses (Orchids – Ful – Jasmine – Gardenya – lilies). The products made an impressive success during the summer season of 2005 and the company achieved its highest sales ever. was then transferred to the beloved state of kuwait and since then “Saja” enjoys hugh prestige among the leading manufacturers of perfumes in Kuwait with a portfolio of 21 of the finest perfumes providing its clients with products for all occasions satisfying all tastes at competitive prices.

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