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At the November Bakery, we provide exquisite desserts for every occasion. Whether enjoying a sweet solitary bite at home or entertaining your closest and dearest friends at your wedding, November combines the best ingredients to create cakes & confections that taste as beautiful as they look. We take great pride in the quality of our product by selecting the best ingredients and taking the greatest care in the way we produce every single one of our desserts. In fact, we are one of a very select group of companies in Kuwait that will not use pre-made mixes when making your desserts, no matter how large they may be, ensuring the most sumptuous and fresh concoction of luxurious goodness that is possible.At our bakery you can enjoy our selection of freshly made desserts; including cupcakes, biscuits, cakes and many others. However, if you wish to create a truly unique experience for a special occasion, whether it is a get-together, a corporate event or your wedding, then please speak to us in advance about our customized cakes and dessert buffets. Whether your event is at home, at a hotel or in a tent, we can help you create the best environment and mood by offering you desserts, displays and favours that match the theme or mood of the event as well as your personal taste.

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