What Is Yalwah Bride Academy?

Yalwah created its first Bridal Academy of its kind and we designed it especially to serve and cater all our brides and couples to educate them for a better and happy future. Each class or course changes according to our bridal needs, no class is permanent, we welcome all types of classes!

The Yalwah Bride Academy was first introduced in our second annual wedding Expo where we created a class like ambiance and environment areas covered in white drapes while the expo was going on. The academy had 5 different classes and they were :

1. Flower arrangement class by one of  Lily Fleur owners certified florist Anfal Al Ansary.

2. Healthy lifestyle by certified nutritionist and life coach Natalie Basma.

3. Bridal Etiquette by certified Etiquette teacher Hanadi Khazal founder of Acanthe School of Etiquette.

4. How to find your prince charming (relationship management) by certified relationship coach Dalal AlJenaie

5. Bridal style by certified stylist Suha AlAwadhi
The vision of Yalwah Bridal Academy is to become the ultimate educational caliber and window that provides not only educational but life training by delivering outstanding levels of service that creates value for all. Where we wish that our variety of classes and courses will educate our brides and couples into creating a happy and eternal marriage.