The creators of Yalwah (Aroob Al Abdaly, Basma Al Baghli, Noor Al Baghli) are three young aspiring entrepreneurs who are passionate about weddings, celebrations, and all kinds of events. Their dynamic personalities led to their collaboration in the formation of Yalwah services where each individual plays a vital role. The Yalwah girls aim to aspire generations of brides to endless limits! Yalwah offers three main services for its clients either individuals or corporate.

These services include “” online wedding and events directory, events management, and bridal consultations with VIP concierge services and couture orders. is Kuwait’s first online wedding directory/blog of its kind related to the world of weddings, events, celebrations, and all the preparations related to it. The website is subdivided into two parts on the same page that is user friendly. First of all, the directory consists of 16 categories of the best service providers in the wedding and event industry. Through these categories, users can view and select the services that suit their needs and tastes. Then there’s the blog which is not only an entertaining but educational tool for sharing all kinds of topics regarding the world of weddings and celebrations.

Three more services were added which completed Yalwah’s holistic vision.

It includes “Event Management” which covers the whole spectrum of different types of events providing clients with top notch logistics and organizational services to ensure quality and excellence. Our second service “Bridal Consultations and VIP Concierge Services”, which is one of its kind in Kuwait, completes our brides exclusive experience with Yalwah. This service takes our brides in a fruitful journey in the completion of their bridal preparations for their big day. The icing on the cake is our fine VIP Concierge Services that cover the finest details, and fulfills all of our brides’ unique requests. Last but not least, Yalwah Bridal Academy, which is a wonderful experience the bride and groom can benefit from a variety of different courses given by certified personas in order to create a happy and fulfilling marriage !