Wedding Trends We Are Leaving Behind In 2017

If you just got engaged then you must be excited to start planning your big day. There are many great tools and applications that can help you plan your wedding such as Instagram and Pinterest, but they can also be full of outdated trends and overused themes.

Planning your wedding is something personal and whether you are choosing a specific theme or not, it has to reflect your personality so don’t follow any trend just because it’s trending by the time you get married!

We are not here to tell you how to plan your wedding, it is your day and if you like a certain theme then choose it. But we want to help you avoid the overdone and overused themes and elements that might make people say; “it’s just like every wedding we’ve been to recently”.


Pantone’s color for 2018 is Ultra-Violet, we are not saying that your wedding theme must have violet elements but we think it is time to leave greenery and flower-less weddings in 2017.

Naked Cakes

This trend was one of the biggest trends that broke the internet when it first came out but can we be honest for a second here? It is not practical at all unless it’s a birthday cake and here’s why: Frosting prevents cakes from drying out when exposed to air and naked cakes barely have any frosting on it; so by the time the cake is ready to be served to your guests there might be a slight chance that they will have dried piece of cake, which is a nightmare to your caterer.

Drip Cakes

If you’re ordering it for your birthday then it’s nice but for a fancy wedding it might not be the greatest choice.

Wedding Dresses With Detachable Skirts

A lot of brides dream of wearing two dresses and this trend helped a lot of brides to achieve this dream. But can we please embrace another trend and see other designs? We’ve been to a lot of weddings in 2017 and almost 50% of the brides wore detachable skirts and not everyone removes the skirt, so what’s the point?

Rustic Theme


This theme has been definitely been used and OVER used. If you are a bride that prefers subtle finishes and laid back style we definitely suggest going more simple and modern than rustic, anything that looks recycled or reclaimed is surely out!