An Exclusive Interview with John Molloy, The Brilliant Mind Behind Memo Paris.

Memo Paris has recently launched their luxury home line at Bloomingdale’s and Harvey Nichols Kuwait. The luxury home collection features items like scented candles with notes of their iconic fragrances such as Irish leather, African Leather, and French leather.

Each item represents a unique story and memory behind it that John and Clara Molloy, founders of Memo, cherish. But for our brides-to-be who are looking for something unique for their wedding day, Memo provides a bespoke service where you can create your own scent or perfume and personalize it the way you like.

What makes this collection so special is that after the scented candle is burnt off, you will end up with a soup tureen or a teacup or maybe the entire collection of bone china.

We had a chance of chatting with the brilliant mind behind the brand; Mr. John Molloy.

What was the idea behind the name of the brand?

The name originated from the word memory and since the memory of the smell is the best memory you can have, we chose it to represent our concept.

What gave you and Clara the inspiration behind the brand, especially the latest home collection?

The main idea was to help people to travel from the comfort of their home with our fragrances because each fragrance tells a story. Memo is all about emotions and as we call it memotions (Memo + Emotions). We want to share these emotions of places we have visited help other people enjoy the beauty of these places.

Clara and I were thinking one day about creating a home collection and we were wondering how can we incorporate beautiful graphics and designs with fragrances in something that can stay with you forever. So the first few things that came to our mind were tea parties and Alice in Wonderland and from that point, we decided to move forward and create collectible items that you can reuse like teacups and teapots.

“The whole home line is not based on the Memo fragrances it is based on one note from these fragrances”.

We have noticed that the style of graphics on this collection differs from the ones on the perfume bottles or body lotions, why?

“We have taken elements of each place because the whole home line isn’t based on Memo’s fragrances, it is based on one note from these fragrances”. For example, we have taken mint from Irish leather and used it in one of our scented candles instead of using the whole fragrance, but if we used Irish leather then we would have added the graphics of Irish leather perfume on the collection.

We prefer to smell an element of these fragrances at home rather than having the whole perfume. The idea isn’t about having your perfume in a candle, it’s about enjoying a particular element from it.

If you were to choose one item from the latest collection to give away as a gift, which one would you choose and why?

My favorite item and the one that makes me smile is the teapot because imagine how wonderful it is to burn a candle inside a teapot. I come from Ireland and drinking tea is a huge part of our tradition and hospitality and I believe that tea is about sharing.

What’s your favorite scent from this collection?

“Amber, from African Leather”

For inquiries regarding the collection and the brand, visit their Instagram account:

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