The Art of Gifting: 11 Gift Ideas for Brides


Being generous is probably one of our best traits, and is one of the greatest qualities we are known for in the Middle East. And when you combine the art of giving gifts with passion, you’re not only giving a gift; you’re showing how much you care about that particular person.

Since weddings play a huge role in our social life, as a guest, there are many aspects you should pay attention to, especially the gifting part.

The first thing you should consider when you want to give the bride or the couple a gift is how close you are to them. If they are acquaintances only, then avoid personalized and intimate gifts.

If you decided to get them a housewarming gift, make sure it matches their decor at home or color scheme and try to buy neutral colors.

Don’t over do it! At the end, the couple is expecting you to come to the wedding and enjoy it, so maybe one gift is more than perfect.

We have created a list that will help you choose a gift for your bride to be, so whether your best friend is a coffeeholic or a baker then you are going to find everything you need here.

A Stand Mixer

We all have that one friend who bakes at 1:00 am and is always bringing baked goodies to gatherings! This gift is ideal for her and if you can personalize it then it would be THE perfect gift.

Baking Gift Basket

Is it just us, or does everything become better when it comes inside a gift basket? Choose few baking essentials and wrap them in a pretty gift basket. You can also add her favorite chocolates or candies inside.

A Luxurious/High-End Coffee Maker

Who would decline a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning without leaving the house?

Luxury Bone China Dinnerware

If you decide to buy this gift, try to match it with the couple’s dining room or buy a simple set with subtle colors.

Luxurious Scented Candles

Memo has recently released a luxurious home and bath line of scented candles featuring Memo’s fragrances and what makes it so unique is that everything can be reused once the candle is burnt. So not only she gets to enjoy the fragrances, but she will end up with either a set of teacups, teapot or an entire set. *You can buy the collection from Harvey Nichols or Bloomingdale’s Kuwait.

Personalized Beach Bag

This is a great gift for your bride if she’s traveling to an island or an exotic destination for her honeymoon.


A Jewelry Box with the Bride’s Initials/Name

You can either buy a fancy jewelry box and engrave her initials on it or choose a box that would be great for keeping incense (Bukhoor).

A Travel Bottle for Skincare Products

Packing your skincare products or shampoo can sometimes be hectic or might take some space if you did not pack them well. But with this mobile travel bottle, you can carry your whole skincare products in the palm of your hand. It’s also useful if your bride-to-be goes to the gym. It can be easily placed in her backpack.

A Customized Ring Box

She already has the ring, why not get her something special to keep it in?

A Box Full of Her Favorite Makeup Products

Because who would say no to Makeup?

A Set of Luxurious Perfumes and Incense

Have a look at this box from Saray Perfumes, and check out their page for more information and more collections.