The Etiquette of Serving Chocolate at Your Wedding

Did you know that it is estimated that 1 billion people eat chocolate everyday? What is more exciting than indulging heavenly chocolate?

Almost everyone loves and enjoys eating chocolates, especially when made of  finest cocoa beans. Traditional sweets were more popular at weddings than chocolates in our region, but nowadays artisan and fine chocolates became trendy; especially the customized ones.

It might be easy picking few flavors of chocolates if you were spoiling yourself or perhaps enjoying it with a cup of coffee, but what would you choose when you’re serving treats for more than 300 people?

It’s not a complicated task, but it is on your wedding checklist and it should be very well organized. If you’re paying attention to every single detail of your wedding, why ignore the simple ones? That’s why we are going to mention a few tips on how to choose and serve chocolates at your wedding.

1- Choosing the appropriate size

The first thing you must consider is the size of each chocolate, we prefer bite-size chocolates since it’s much easier to eat and won’t create a mess for your guests (we’re thinking gowns!)

2- Consider allergies

Sure it’s not easy to know who’s allergic to nuts or some kind of fruits but wouldn’t it be great to choose at least one flavor that everyone can enjoy, and remember ask your chocolatier to put these flavors in a separate tray.

3- Advise the servers to memorize the flavors

There’s nothing more annoying than biting into a chocolate and finding out it’s filled with a flavor you hate. So make sure that each tray is labeled if you’re planning to have a dessert table or that the servers know each flavor, so guests won’t hesitate before they try the chocolates.

4- Choose theme

Make sure to match the chocolate trays or the chocolate itself to your wedding theme if possible. You can also order customized chocolates with your initials and ask for your trays to be decorated with the same flowers that are used at the wedding.

5- Consider the weather

If you’re planning on having an outdoor wedding during the summer then serving chocolate can be easily skipped and replaced by another treat, the last thing we want you and your guests to have is chocolate stains all over your dresses! Oh, the horror!

If you haven’t picked your chocolates yet, then why not have a look at our recommendations for chocolatiers in Kuwait? They sure won’t disappoint!

*Press on the images to view the details of each chocolatier.

Le Gala Du Chocolat
Le Gala du Chocolat
Lutece Chocolat
Lutece Chocolat
Zwara Sweets and Pastries

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