The Wonderful World of Disney as Seen Through the Eyes of Paolo Sebastian

Once Upon A Dream by Paul Vasileff isn’t just a couture collection; it is a childhood dream that came true in Adelaide Fashion Week at the Torrens Parade Ground.
Paul Vasileff, couturier, and creator of Paolo Sebastian high-end brand unveiled his latest masterpiece, the 2018 Spring/Summer collection titled “Once Upon A Dream” and we cannot wait to show you the magnificent and artistic creations which captivated us all.
Is there anything more romantic than transforming a runway into an enchanted forest? We believe that the mood was captured perfectly especially with the tiny details that were sewn on the dresses and veils such as the phrase “They Lived Happily Ever After” and “Once Upon a Time”.
Models glided down the runway in their soft chiffon and tulle gowns. Pastel hues with delicate embroidery and beadwork glittered on the runway as the lights peaked in throughout the show, reminding us of Disney’s glamour.
From Tea-length gowns to sheer capes and intricate hand-sewn embroideries of lyrics and famous Disney symbols such as Cinderella’s birds and Snow White’s poison apple, we still cannot choose our favorite gown so we will let you decide.
Leave us a comment below and tell us which of these gowns you would like to wear?
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