New chapter, new YOU!

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 Marriage to most of us seems like every girl’s dream or one of her major “checklist” list. She envisions her dream dress along with her magical wedding and let’s not forget, what is a wedding without the significant other or “the one”? This all seems to be the perfect combination but did you miss any vital elements along your journey to marriage? Believe it or not, the so called “optimum” accomplishment you just checked off your list may turn into a nightmare you did not expect!


So what does this new chapter mean? What are you expected in a marriage? How can you make a happily ever after work?



Communication is not only key in everyday life but believe it or not, it is essential between couples and remember timing is important! Picking out the right time to share your thoughts and talk about issues can turn a stressful situation into a calm one. Remember that your spouse cannot read your mind so its preferable to share your thoughts and needs whenever you feel the need to!


Me time

Newly weds love the idea of spending time and doing all kinds of activities together, but is it healthy to spend some time apart? Having some alone time in a relationship is extremely healthy and it creates a stronger bond rather than a fragile one. It is not only therapeutic  but it makes you feel comfortable developing your own personality and interests! So stop thinking that love means seeing each other 24/7!


Accepting a new phase in life

The idea of entering a new life with your significant other  whether you knew each other before marriage or not, is somewhat stressing. The responsibilities you both will face together is not difficult but ‘different’ in a mature way. So accepting your new phase in life is an act of maturity and sensibility is your first step to a successful and beautiful marriage!


We hope you enjoyed this article, where we genuinely wanted to share our honest tips on some important aspects of a healthy and happy marriage. Please bear in mind that we did not seek any professional guidance in writing this article, it is all purely us pouring our heart and mind! We wish you all a beautiful and successful marriage and to all our brides to be please take notes! Please feel free to share with us your thoughts on the comments below.

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