13 Non-traditional Wedding Gowns that Captured Our Hearts

Whenever we hear a bride talking about her wedding dress we sometimes assume that she chose a white one; since it’s the tradition everywhere. But nowadays bride are matching their wedding dresses to their personalities and that’s why colorful wedding dresses are a big thing now! When we say “colored wedding dresses” we don’t only mean bright colors, any non-white/ivory dress is considered breaking the tradition.

Just because a lot of people are expecting you to wear white that doesn’t mean you have to. When you choose to wear a colored wedding dress you’re not only adding a playful and confident touch to your bridal look, you’re also creating an element of surprise to the guests. And guess what? Everyone will be talking about your wedding just like a celebrity!

If you’re leaning towards a specific color but not sure if it’s the right choice for you, you can always add a belt or an ombre skirt instead of one color.

Still not sure about it? Have a look at the following pretty and unique wedding dresses we have for you and tell us what do you think in the comment section below.

“Lebanese Bride Jessica Feghali wearing 50 Shades of Green by @RamiKadi”
“Blue with Metallic Gold Embroidery by @Reem_Acra”
Lebanese Bride Maya Tamer “Pretty in Pink by @ElieSaabWorld”
“A Modern fairytale princess by @Saiidkobeisyofficial”
“Tiered white and mint ombré ball gown by @Ralphandrusso”
“Blush and Pink Accents by @Krikorjabotian”
“Royal Gown with Gold Details by @Marwankhaledcouture”
“Sophisticated White Ballgown with Gold Embroidery and beading by @Marwankhaledcouture”
“Soft Grey by @Event.in.White” Get this dress now by Booking your Appointment.
“A Pink Affair by @Kiyoko_hata”
“Ombre Ruffles by @Conilio.official”
“Blush Pink Wedding Gown by @Evalendel”
“Soft Beige Wedding Gown by @Evalendel”



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