7 Facts and Secrets about Royal/Celebrity Weddings that Will Wow You!


Chef in the Making

Many celebrities pay thousands of dollars to hire a caterer or a pastry chef to design their wedding cake in order to get a unique and special design that’s made only for them.

The former couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had something else on their mind, other than allowing their children to draw on Jolie’s veil; she and her husband let their 11-year-old son Pax to prepare their wedding cake. Pitt revealed this in an interview with “People” magazine.


A Heavy Tiara

Celine Dion wore an elegant Mirella and Steve Gentile gown when she married Rene Angeli in 1994. The dress and the custom design headpiece took lots of time and work to finish them.

Her wedding dress had a 6 Meter train and took more than 1,000 hours to create. As for the headpiece, it was made out of 2,000 Austrian crystals and weighed 3 Kg.

Can you believe she had to wear that heavy headpiece for many hours? We wonder if she had a headache after the wedding!


A Missing Sketch and a Secret Fitting

Princess Diana’s wedding dress sketch by Designer David Emanuel was never shown to the public, and for year people thought it was lost or stolen.

In a recent interview, David Emanuel revealed that he ripped the sketch up after he got the approval from Lady Diana because he was afraid the sketch would be seen by the public.

The whole process of creating the ivory silk taffeta and antique lace gown was a secret that Lady Diana had to as ask the designer if she could bring her mother.


Personal Giveaways

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin gave their guests in 2014 an Ipod with a personal playlist that the couple has created before the wedding.

Now that’s a giveaway we won’t mind receiving anytime!


An Expensive Short-lived Wedding

Did you that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ wedding in 2011 is one of the most expensive weddings in Hollywood? The couple spent $2 million on flowers only and $10,000 on invitations.

Unfortunately, the couple decided to get a divorce after 72 days of marriage.


A Wedding Day Mishap

Queen Elizabeth faced an unfortunate incident during her wedding preparations on November 20, 1947; her tiara was broken few hours before the ceremony and the court jeweler was rushed into his work place to fix it.


DIY Makeup

Doing your own makeup on your wedding day is a risky move, and when you’re the Duchess of Cambridge it becomes even riskier with millions of people watching the wedding!

Kate Middleton went for a natural look on her wedding day and she did it all by herself after taking makeup lessons with makeup artist Arabella Preston.

She also requested a special color for her nail polish that was made by Marina Sandoval from the Jo Hansford Salon in Mayfair. Marina Sandoval simply mixed two shades of pink to get the result The Duchess wanted. She mixed Bourjois’s no. 28 Rose Lounge and Essie’s 423 Allure.

Kate Middleton was not the only Royalty to do her own makeup; Queen Elizabeth did her own make up for her wedding day as well.


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